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Plan to Protect manual

I have been asked to add the Plan to Protect policy manual to the web site. I’ll add it here as a post until i can make a better home for this type of information. GMBC Ministry Personnel handbook If you have any questions of concerns please let me know […]


VISITING WITH CHILDREN? – You can find a change table located downstairs, in the washroom. We offer Nursery care and a Sunday School program for all children. Parents are welcome to accompany their children when they leave with the leaders to go downstairs. It is our policy that children under […]


Baptists share many basic biblical convictions with other Christians including the belief in one God, the Trinity, the human and divine nature of Jesus Christ, and the significance of his crucifixion and resurrection for salvation. Though they have many historic “confessions of faith”, Baptists are not a “credal people”. They […]