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Kingfisher Bay Retreat
Enneagram & Relationships March 1 – 2

In this workshop, you will learn about the structure and patterns of the 9 Enneagram types and how they affect relationships. It can be so helpful to understand your own Enneagram type, how you show up in relationships, what patterns you unconsciously have and how you react in situations. Added to this, as you come to understand the other “types” and what happens to each in relationships, there is opportunity to grow, to work through areas of disagreement or conflict in new ways. With the opportunity to hear from the lived experience of people in very different type structures than your own, you come to understand people in a new way, you are given new insights and your compassion grows. The Enneagram is a dynamic tool for family and work relationships: living with spouses, for parenting, friendships, dealing with bosses or co-workers, being with people who trigger us. If there is a challenging relationship in your life, and you know the type of the person you are trying to relate to, there will be some opportunities to do something called guided interactions – a deeply held interaction between you and a person of that type.  These have proven to be very effective for understanding what goes on in the relationship.
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Guided Silent Retreat April 1-2
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For the Journey Retreat with Steve Bell (Picture below).
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