Capital Campaign News

Gift Card Balance after just 5 weeks $842.78

Committee Members- Laura Mead Wilson, Lianna Hood, Brenda Snoddon, Dianne Pammett, Michele Eddie, Nancy Turner

New Initiatives- GGC (Give a Gift Card)

Tips (gift card learning) and tales (stories of generosity)

Focused ordering- gas and food

Estate and Financial Presentations by Mimi Rogers CFB, CLU, CH.F.C., CHS, CEA. For individual or group appointments, go to

Giving Options:

Offering envelopes- designate General, Building, Missions

PAR online applications in the Narthex or online

Anonymous- through cash or PAR (only treasurer will know)

More coming in 2020

Good information leads to good decisions

“What shall I return to the Lord for all His Goodness to me?”