Building Project

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To develop a plan and appropriate drawings that would expand and modernize the facility of Gilmour in order to continue to meet the spiritual needs of the community for the foreseeable future.

The latest plan which we all of the building committee reviewed and agreed. We are getting very close. After many considerations from all of you and all the committees we were able to pass on to Hawkey minor changes that had been suggested.

There was a lot of discussion of the parking challenge and compliance to Selwyn requirements. We have been communicating with Selwyn and we able to get the seating capacity of around 275. The sanctuary stays the same size allowing for possible 315 in the future if more parking becomes available at some point. We moved the tower on the North East corner of building to be over that corner and allowed the building foot print to move closer to the set back allowing additional parking spots in rear. We are now very close to a plan meeting all the needs and maximizing every inch of space. All this and still in a reasonable budget.

Please continue to pray Gods lead and blessings on this incredible progress.

Here is a PDF package of the renderings of the build and a site plan.