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Covid 19 Response – Updated May 2021

This document has been created to further communicate our response to Covid-19 and is subject to change. Currently, we are having outdoor drive-in worship services at 10 am on Sunday mornings. All are welcome and are encouraged to social distance as our province and local health unit have advised. INDOOR […]


Join DAY OF PRAYER as it happens around the world! Monday, November 2, prepared by the Baptist Women of the Pacific. Register on this link Here is a chance to hear from the new president of Baptist World Alliance Women’s Department….and experience worship from the Pacific islands.

Canadian Food Grains Bank

Canadian Food Grains Bank will share a virtual concert on Sunday Nov 1 at 7pm. This concert featuring country music and yodeling sensation, Naomi Bristow. was taped at the Bighead River growing project celebrating World Food Day. Here is the link:


Baptists share many basic biblical convictions with other Christians including the belief in one God, the Trinity, the human and divine nature of Jesus Christ, and the significance of his crucifixion and resurrection for salvation. Though they have many historic “confessions of faith”, Baptists are not a “credal people”. They […]