Gilmour History

Our church was founded by John Gilmour (1792-1869), a Scottish immigrant who joined the merchant marines in his teenage years. After six years in prison following the Napoleonic Wars, he was baptized and began to study the Bible. After four years of study, he became a pastor in 1818. Rev. Gilmour immigrated to Canada in 1830, and with his family, settled in Peterborough in 1838. The first Baptists in the area, they soon found a number of local folks willing to accept the call, and on November 4, 1838, Rev. Gilmour baptized the following people in Chemong Lake:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Graham Mr. and Mrs. James Mann, Sr.
Mr. James Mann, Jr. Mr. William Paulin
Mr. and Mrs. John Walton

Quickly, this dedicated group organized a church, and by 1840, a log chapel known as the “Line Church” had been built on land donated by Robert Nicholson. Rev. Gilmour would remain with the church until 1843.

The original building was replaced by the current church in 1890, a brick structure built by contractor Garth Jopling at a cost of $3,500. The cornerstone was laid on May 26th by Professor Joseph Gilmour, grandson of Rev. John Gilmour. The church was officially opened with a tea and ceremony in October, 1890. An addition was constructed under the leadership of Bill Mann in 1981. The church’s continued ministry is a sign of God’s faithfulness to his people.